Monthly Archives: February 2010

Those darn Angry Customers!

Tweet A happy customer is essential to every business, not only do they spend more when they are happy, they refer more customers to your business. On the other hand, Angry Customers will waste your time & efforts and stress down your employees, then talk bad about your business. You will not only loose the […]

We suck at Customer Service and here is how to improve!

Tweet Jordan has great assets in terms of tourism. You name it (History & Culture Tourism, Eco & Nature Tourism, Religion & Faith Tourism, Leisure & wellness Tourism, and Fun & Adventure Tourism) we have it all. What we lack is the right service! we are known for our Jordanian frown. We don’t usually smile […]

Amman Al-Mumayaz Taxi

Tweet In 2006 Noor Jordan Kuwait Investment company has introduced the (Mumayaz) Taxi service throughout Amman. Size of the fleet is 300 Toyota Corolla cars and 100 Mercedes cars. Investment cost was estimated at 15 Million JD. You can call ( 06 – 5799999 ) to request a taxi to come pick you up at your doorsteps. […]