Amman Al-Mumayaz Taxi

In 2006 Noor Jordan Kuwait Investment company has introduced the (Mumayaz) Taxi service throughout Amman. Size of the fleet is 300 Toyota Corolla cars and 100 Mercedes cars. Investment cost was estimated at 15 Million JD. You can call ( 06 – 5799999 ) to request a taxi to come pick you up at your doorsteps. Toyota Taxi meter starts at .580 JD while Mercedes Taxi meter starts at 1 JD compared to the Yellow Taxi meter that starts at .250 JD. Also Meter fare is .10 JD per 53 meters while Yellow Taxi meter fare is .10 JD per 58 meters.

So, What is so “Mumayaz” about this Taxi service?

  • Accessibility: You can call the hotline number  24/7, and have Mumayaz taxi at your doorsteps.
  • Coverage: Their services stretches outside Amman city to all over Jordan.
  • Pricing: Charge is as shown per meter. Which makes its most affordable way to use after midnight and airport trips. Beside fare is not too expensive compared to yellow taxi.
  • Safety: All Mumayaz taxis are marked, drivers are clean cut with uniforms. Taxi in good mechanical condition.


Call Center:

  • Not well supervised.
  • No enough knowledge of Amman map.
  • Communication issues with supervisor of drivers and clients.
  • In need for more Customer Service skills.


  • They should know basic English.
  • In need for more Customer Service Skills.

I think this is a great project and it could be managed in a better way. There is a need for more Basic training in terms of  customer service, hygiene, English and so on.
Also, in terms of technology, there should be a way to track drivers and maybe also send the GPS point of arrival to the assigned driver’s GPS system.
Drivers should be incentivized, wages should be paid on time. A pointer system should be placed to award top drivers in terms of revenue generated, best customer services and so on.

Do share your experience with Al-Mumayaz taxi with us.


  • Samer

    I like the idea of having a special kind of taxi, i never try it before, i am sure it’s great after midnight ,at least you get rid of the yellow taxi driver stupid stories and bad language

  • ImadiD

    Since i dont drive,i’ve actually used them for quite sometime now.and I can divide it into 2 Eras:

    When i 1ts start trying them:
    They had new Cars, Clean drivers, Less smelly than Yellow cabs,Less Fictional stories.However , and thats a big HOWEVER , whenever you asked for a cab through the call center , it most certainly never came to pick you up, or arrived 1-2 hours after the appointment..

    So i stopped using the call Center for awhile,until a Couple of months ago (Era 2) i had to, and since then:

    Whenever i phone the call center, the taxi would arrive 10-15 mins before the appointment (and will only charge on waiting when the appointed time had passed)

    The taxis are still clean, relatively new, clean drivers, less smelly, though i’ve ridden with a couple of them who had Fictional stories, but generally it is much better than the yellow cabs, and price difference isn’t huge (normally 0.5 jd above my yellow cabs meter)

    So for the service they r providing now, i highly recommend them, specially for Late night rides, rides From Malls , or to the airport rides !

    their cars “generally” is in a better condition than many yellow taxis, less smelly, the Mercedes stays air conditioned all the time (you can ask him to open it, and he would politely apologize for not figuring it out himself and start the A/C at once)..

    Most drivers are really polite,

  • menafunds

    Thank you Samer & Madi for your comment.

    I think Al-Mumayaz has great potential and it is a shame for such an investment to go astray like that when we all know it can be done right.

  • kinziblogs

    We use them for airport runs, early morning/late night rides, or when the car is in the shop.

    They have always been polite, on-time, and important for me, never talk about American politics 🙂

  • 40Some

    Hi Kinzi,

    Thank you for your comment, and thanks for visiting my New Blog.

    Khaled (Palforce)

  • Osama

    Does Taxi al Mumayaz has a Website? I need to check it please.

  • 40Some

    Osama: No they don’t have one, you can call them at ( 06 – 5799999 )

  • KJ

    A GPS and fleet management system can be costly if they don’t really see any ROI for it. English though will be a good thing for them and they can market themselves as tourist-friendly then and attract more customer in the summer and fall

  • Emad

    The mumayaz do have a website, it’s

    i tried them once when i needed a left to the airport, i asked for Toyota, but they insisted to get me a Mercedes, they claimed that the Toyota drivers will not come on time, as they might be busy, and i should take the Mercedes for the accuracy!

    i don’t know if it ‘s true as they claimed, but overall, it’s a good service that needed in Amman.

  • Toufica

    I asked for a tax al moumayazi, he was supposed to be here at 9:40am, he arrived at 9:20 against all odds . He called me i told him you are early I am not ready yet,he told me it is ok so when i was out 6 minutes late the meter was already 1,3 jd i found it very weird and called the callcenter , they wanted to charge me 5jd in addition to the 2 jd due to my 6mnts lateness as penalty, and when i refused to pay more than the 2 jd, Mr driver yelled at me at the street and was just short of hitting me, the receptionist heard his yelling since i was online with her. So many times the momayaz was late and i has to call and recall the center so i wouldnt be late but i didn’t charge them 5jd penalty. That was very bad experiance that i am not going to forget for few J.D. Such bad image about the country and about the services.

    When the taximeter begins to count?
    The taximeter begins to count the moment the customer rides in the cab

    (That is according to your site and no penalty was mentioned)