Monthly Archives: May 2010

Nemr Abou Nassar talking about Tourism in Jordan

Tweet Nemr Abou Nassar did a comedy standup show in Amman which attracted around 1800 people. I was fortunate enough to attend the show. This is his first extended visit and beside his jokes he brings up an interesting topic of how Jordan is under marketed and how the people and government are doing a […]

Little incident at the McDonald City Mall

Tweet This is an old post from my personal Blog Little incident at the McDonald City Mall Posted by Khaled on December 26, 2009 I took my kids along with my brother and his son to City mall to play at the kids playground thingy. Well after a couple of hours of torture we went to the […]

How to Train Staff in Great Customer Service

Tweet How to Train Staff in Great Customer Service By Ann Palmer In the current economic recession, organizations may be tempted to cut back on training their staff in customer service. But consumers are becoming more demanding, and whilst prices are being slashed to get them in the door to buy, it is customer service […]

Tourism in Jordan. What does it lack?

Tweet Tourism in Jordan lacks Service! I was in Kuwait doing my paper work. The Company messenger was driving me around from one government building to another and he was gracious enough to drive me to the airport. We had this conversation (his name is Raed): Raed: I was born in Kuwait and I love it, are […]