Nemr Abou Nassar talking about Tourism in Jordan

Nemr Abou Nassar did a comedy standup show in Amman which attracted around 1800 people.

I was fortunate enough to attend the show. This is his first extended visit and beside his jokes he brings up an interesting topic of how Jordan is under marketed and how the people and government are doing a poor job promoting tourism in Jordan, watch the video:


  • Ali

    I really still can’t get over how amazint this show was. Me and khaled were one of those 1800 people who showed up that night.

    And i would like to think that we were truly lucky to have heard Nemr’s shows that speak reality in a very funny way.

    This night will always remain a happy memory because Nemr spoke to 2 me TWICE. One of those times is showen in the video when he asked the 2nd ali ” that was me “.

    Wishing that he returns soon.

  • Rabe’e AbdelWahab

    I totally missed it, but the guy is awesome , and no doubt that tourism in Jordan needs a lot more marketing and planning to go more global so people everywhere gets to know it better.

    By the way, we have one of the seven new wonders of the world and Petra is generally known , but it is still hard for people to know that Jordan is the country.