La Ville Cafe & Restaurant

I was first introduced to La ville Cafe ( WebsiteTwitterFacebook ) by Zamil , the place is pretty new and the it has a lovely indoor and outdoor setting. One of the good thing about the place beside many is the wifi, the owner Tariq is a mac head who is a fan of apple products, he has an iphone app in the making and wil be providing ipads for to use at La ville pretty soon.

Do you remember TV show “Cheers” Bar “where everybody knows your name”?

Or the TV show Friends?

La Ville Cafe is becoming our hangout. We have hosted various Jotweetups and few more Tech events such as “Social Media cafe

This is me enjoying the fast wifi and abusing the bandwidth 🙂

La Ville Cafe has a great chef. They offer great items such as Fettucini Alfredo, Hamour fish plate and fancy sandwiches. I have even asked for BBQ stuffed baked potato with chicken and it is the only place in Jordan that makes it upon request 🙂 . Their Shisha’s are new and made upon request which makes it a class A experience.

Great seating, great lighting, great LCDs and they are working on getting a large screen for the World Football Cup

This is at the Social Media cafe event

At a Jotweetup meeting


La Ville



Best Shisha in town at La ville cafe

So for all of you Tech Heads I would like to invite you to visit La ville Cafe and experience the luxurious setting of a fancy Cafe & restaurant with superb wifi and delicious menu and did I mention best Shisha in town? 🙂

La Ville cafe & restaurant
Al Madina Al Monawara Street
Amman, Jordan
Tel: 06-5821882 / 0795777789

Credit where credit is due: Photos were taken by Kinan , Jansait & Ali

  • Ali

    Great post khaled. I said it a lot and i will keep saying it. This place is my favorite amongst all. love the shisha. love the food. love the atmosphere. It’s just perfect!

  • Khaled

    Thank you Ali 🙂 and thanks for the photos 🙂

  • Jano

    You feel like home there <3

  • reemb

    What’s with the publicity? 😀 Nice though. I like!