10 Top Twitter Tutorials on YouTube

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Whether you want to get your mom started on Twitter or want the scoop on some of Twitter’s best desktop apps and how to use Twitter for brand building, these YouTube videos will keep you entertained while educating you about various aspects of the Twitterverse.

1. Twitter in Plain English
This quick, no-nonsense introduction is a great starting point.

2. Getting Started With Twitter
A simple step by step tutorial on how to create your Twitter account, add friends, and get started tweeting.

3. Twitter Lists in a Nutshell
A quick looks at the “Lists’ feature and how to use it to your advantage.

4. Top Twitter Tools Exposed and Explained
An introduction to the top Twitter tools and how to use them in conjunction with each other to get the most out of Twitter for personal or business use.

5. How to Create an Attractive Twitter Profile
How to make your Twitter profile page highly attractive and gain more followers.

6. Finding Followers
This easy Twitter tutorial explains several ways to find people to follow on Twitter.

7. How to Tweet From Any Cell Phone
This video shows you how to update Twitter from your cell phone using text messaging. This method doesn’t require any additional apps and works on any phone, but standard text messaging rates apply.

8. How to Use Twitter for Business
Have you signed up for Twitter but found yourself at a loss about what to do with it? This video series will help jumpstart your efforts.

9. Twitter and Brand Building
How to use Twitter effectively for building customer relationships and brand reputation.

10. 5 Business Benefits of Twitter Even if Your Customers Aren’t Using It Yet
How to get value out of the platform before your customers even join.

Written By: Pam Dyer

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About the Author: Pam Dyer is a Seattle-area marketing professional. She’s very interested in social marketing — the social media engagement model has enabled companies and organizations to interact with their target audiences in many new ways. Her blog, pamorama, contains resources and thoughts pertaining to branding, marketing, advertising, communication, customer service, and public relations in the context of social media and in general. It also includes social media news, information, case studies, and how-to articles.

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