On AmmanTT & Politics

Today is another AmmanTT event, but this time it is different. The timing is in the morning and it is a totally different format, we are having the Minister of ICT H.E Marwan Juma discussing the new upcoming Information Systems Crime Law.

It is 6:30 AM the morning before the event and I have to be there at 8AM to prepare for it as it is supposed to start at 9 AM.

We have been accused of becoming too political and no longer a community event.  So here I am Blogging about it so you can read it from our side.

At the Social media event we were contacted by the Prime minister Office asking us if we think H.E the PM Samir Rifae can have the mic for 10 minutes announcing his new Twitter engagement & asking people to register to vote. After meeting and discussing it with the core team we concluded that this is a great thing and matches our theme. It was a couple of days before the event and we were told not to announce it as His Excellency might not show up as he is very busy so we teased about it but couldn’t announce it. And I have to say this opportunity was very positive.

Then during our last event the gaming theme, we had 300 attendees and 880 online viewers which is proving that AmmanTT is an event that can bring the community mass. So we were very concern about Ramadan event in matters of timing and format. One of the options was to have iftar event another to have something as light as a large Tweetup. Then we thought the new Information Systems Crime Law is coming up and HE Minister have already met with some of the Bloggers, so we said why not offer a larger platform and instead of meeting and discussing the new law with 20 Bloggers he can talk to 1000 online/offline techies. The timing was out of our hands as we had to go with the 9AM pending the availability of HE the Minister.

The idea of doing this was risky as people would say AmmanTT is becoming too political or it is being bought by the government. But would it as all the previous event offer a service to the community? YES

So, I would like to let everyone know that AmmanTT is still a community based event and it is still Zero budget, there will be some people who are not very happy with AmmanTT, but I would like everyone to know how things work behind the scene and that our aim and goal are still the same, we are offering a platform to help the community.

See you at the event.

  • http://twitter.com/jadmadi Madi

    Engaging in healthy political activities and working with the Government isn’t a stigma, it’s something AmmanTT folks should be proud of. Many communities would love to be heard and have access to Government personnel just like AmmanTT.