Should your CEO Tweet?




Yes, they should and here are few tips:

  • Listen and learn: See what are you competitors are doing, listen to your customers, engage selectively and use Twitter as a crowd-source platform
  • Lead by example: Show your employees how it is done. Be responsible for what you say online – the only guidelines to follow is to act within values
  • Be personal: Humanize yourself and let people see the humane side in you. Talk to them as if you are talking to your family and close friends, avoid using titles.
  • Have some fun: Spread positive energy, add some humor, talk about your hobbies
  • Be an Expert in your field: Tweet about your core business and niche market. But don’t self promote yourself
  • Develop thick skin: You will get negative feedback, conversation & quick resolution will solve any issue. Think empathy.
  • Monitor your brand online: see who is talking about you and your brand and engage them.
Secret to a winning Social Media presence is sustainability. Just keep doing it and people will appreciate your presence if nothing else.



  • Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    leading and being a role-model + having some fun while at it :))
    I COULD agree more 😉

  • yamama shaka’a

    of course he should, very nice 1

  • Omar Tahboub

    Good post Khaled.

    I liked the term “Humanize yourself” 🙂 it makes sound like the CEO’s self is not already human 🙂

  • Khaled

    Hi Omar,
    What I mean is CEO is usually unreachable in his organization and to his customers, so on Twitter they can see the personal side of him 🙂