How to gain more followers on Twitter


When you join Twitter, it is essential to gain a good number of followers with a similar interest or at least who find your Tweets interesting 😉
There is an unwritten rule to follow back your followers, personally I don’t do it blindly, I usually check their bio, avatar & timeline. If you still have an egg for an avatar CHANGE IT NOW!
1- Follow your friends from your email and other social network platforms.
2- Pay attention to Who To Follow tab on Twitter, they are suggestions by Twitter according to your interests and type of existing followers.
3- Find some of the local famous people on twitter and follow their followers. Or those with the same interests, for example; if you are into Social Media follow followers of @Mashable .
4- Register at some of the popular sites like:

5- Search Lists that matches your interests, the best site I found is
6- Whenever there is an important event that is being covered by Tweeps, follow the hashtag of the event to find new people to follow, for example #TEDxDeadSea
7- Use Google Search using this code:
Use this code –>*/communications(Just change “communications” to any other keyword)
8- If you are looking for Tweeps in Jordan feel free to follow my list of most active Jordanian Tweeps:!/Shusmo/active-jotweeps
In the end it is all about Content, you have to add value and project positive energy via your Tweets.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or more tips.