Jordan joining the GCC. Is this good or bad?




News about Morocco & Jordan Joining the GCC on Twitter made me ask this Question on Twitter:

@Shusmo Khaled El Ahmad : Can someone explain to me how does #JO being part of #GCC is good for me as a Jordanian citizen? In plain English #Amman #JO#ReformJO

And here are the answers I got:


@Hamdanism The Hamdanism : @Shusmo u shouldn’t need visas to GCC countries. (assuming u dont have American passport)

Priapus_D Priapus Dionysis : @Shusmo I guess you will wear a dishdash, have 4 wives dressed in black and a few extra bucks. #GCCJO


I liked this Tweet:


HaithamAbulfoul Haitham Abu Alfoul : @Shusmo Membership in a well organized council that is exclusive for rich countries is in Jordan’s national interest, mainly economically


And I loved this one:


@GhadaElKurd Ghada El Kurd : @Shusmo Supply #JO & demand #GCC, market penetration &reach, employment, venture invstmnts #Amman #JO, better Economy part of #ReformJO and Cheaper Oil Prices

@SuperAmar (Q)amar majali : @Shusmo pros: Fuel prices to drop to pre-2003 prices and car prices to go down 50% #wishing

@elqassim Khaled El-qassim : @Shusmo easy and less costly market penetration, business expansion and employment

@nayefc Nayef Copty : @Shusmo Promotes trade between the countries(no tariff) encourages movement between both. Many benefits to join more econ powerful countries

@SamarQ Samar AlQadri : @Shusmo Pro=employment opportunities, settling jo depts.. Con= the price that we have to pay in return for all of this.what ever that is?!!


Others argue:

@Mujahed_S Mujahed : @AdhamEtoom @Shusmo that’s too general, we are talking about specific results, what about inflation? real estate prices? brain drain?

@hazem Hazem Zureiqat : News of #GCCJO wouldn’t be as bad if it weren’t for the obvious motives. #ReformJO

  • Musa’b

    First of all ,Let me say that there is No negative effects on Jordan . JORDAN is facing major difficulties in supporting its economical status .U know ,Syria and Egypt are in unstable status that really affect Jordan’s economy to be low and bad .That’s why our gov. looks for another ally to help the economic rising up by gas ,petrol and letting Jordanian workforces to work in Gulf with easy facilities . Unity is the only solution to let IRAN respect us ! 😀

  • Nael Khleifat

    I don’t have enough information to form an intelligent view. #GCCJO
    Subscribing to the notion that: “there is no free lunch” what do we have to pay to fit in? #GCCJO
    More importantly, do we absolutely have to join and there is no other way to move forward and make Jordan great country? #GCCJO
    What is the price (host of compromises) we have to pay? Can we afford it? #GCCJO
    what is the premise on which this undertaking was agreed upon by the GCC countries. #GCCJO
    Immense obligations are customarily associated with stretching beyond our means. Are we spreading ourselves too thin? #GCCJO
    When will there be true equilibrium? The kind that ensures cohesion among all countries. #GCCJO
    Why couldn’t we have become privy to the specifics, features and benefits of this milestone undertaking? #GCCJO
    Has the public been undermined, both ours and theirs, by this epic decision by governments? #GCCJO
    Lack of economic and symmetry suggests many terms would be dictated. #GCCJO
    Logic dictates that: discrepancy exists between the current state of affairs and the projected outcome. #GCCJO cont.
    How the gap is proposed to be bridged? And when? #GCCJO
    We all want unity and nothing would please me more. But, is there equity associated therewith? #GCCJO
    On the other hand, if unity is what we seek with all its advantages, then, this would be great. #GCCJO
    By osmosis, what will be shifted and from who to whom ? #GCCJO
    Is this move based on tangible and appreciable requisites on both sides? #GCCJO

  • Nashmiyya

    Would have been nice if we the nation were involved in decision making

  • Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    ‪‬ 🙂

  • Faris Meqdadi

    I think it is good for us.. GCC people right now can stay in Jordan as long as they want, invest & own assests in Jordan while we cannot do the same in GCC. we will be able to:) Jordanian citizen will have the priority to be employed in the GCC as they won’t be in need for Visas while organizations in GCC wither local or foriegn have limited visas to use and they pay alot for it on annual basis. It think it will also strengthen our military defence force as there is a common defence agreement between the GCC countries. I might be missing some other negative or positive points but this is what came to my mind when I knew about this.

  • awadalsaidi

    Yes being with powerful countries and getting more economical benifits out of this union. But we need more challenge and huuman development to reach their grade.

    we need to build up our streets, cities and create new foundation to gather more buiness from these countries who are already part of the Jordanian Business.
    Thank God