Check out my Klout

Klout is the new kid on the block, business now started rewarding people with high Klout score. So what the heck is Klout?
The Klout score measures your overall online influence. It has 35 variables on Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin. It measures True Reach, Amplification Probability & Network score.
I have put together a list to help you get you Klout score up there.
  1. Register to Klout ( and add all your Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin)
  2. Install Klout widget on your browser, this way it helps you with you decision when following new people on Twitter, widget will show their score for you.
  3. Engage with people on all Social Media platforms, establish credibility and sustain it, don’t just vanish.
  4. Retweet valuable Tweets, Post good content & Like good articles.
  5. Thank people for Retweeting you, Following you & #FollowFriday suggesting you to their followers.
  6. Get out of your daily circle, engage with new people, converse with new people with different areas.
  7. Self brand yourself and position yourself as an expert in your field.
  8. Follower/Following ratio. This rule states you should have more followers than following, but I don’t follow this rule as I believe the more the merrier, I’m a people person and I like to learn from as many as possible.
  9. Do talk with high influential people and get them to Mention (@) you.
  10. Do a lot of Mentions (@) make your Reply rate up in the %90’s if not %100.
  11. Have good content;
  • Keep personal tweeting up to %20
  • Do share Music, Videos, Photos, Quotes
  • Retweet Good articles
  • RT to be RTed
  • Promote new followers
  • Promote positive initiatives
  • Don’t waste too much time on endless arguments, it is not worth loosing credibility
  • Follow Hashtags (#) and engage with new people
  • Create new Hashtags (#)
  • Contribute valuable positive content
  • Collaborate with others