Customer Service online experience went wrong!

There was an incident with a food delivery service and customer comment on restaurant’s Facebook page was deleted. He had a screen shot and after posting it, a lot of people shared it on their facebook wall.

I had a chat with him and he agreed on answering some Questions I sent him via email for the sake of learning.
Q) What went wrong exactly?

Below is what happened in 22 detailed steps:

1- Ordered (Maftoul and Freekeh) meals. Was promised delivery within 0:50 minutes.
2- 2 Mansaf meals were delivered after 1:15 hours.
3- Asked the delivery person to take it back and return the money. He refused stating that the delivery company has nothing to do with restaurant’s mistakes and asked me to call the restaurant.
4- Convinced him to call his manager and deal with it by his own. (I’ve mentioned I have to leave the house ASAP for a meeting so I need to finish this promptly)
5- Returned my call stating “my manager says its not our problem” and I should call the restaurant myself. (Customer became the middle problem between 2 companies in a sudden)
6- Called the restaurant, they were already notified about my case prior my call. And I was asked to wait on phone.
7- Restaurant apologized, and offered to change the food.
8- I rejected the food change as I had to leave and cant afford to wait longer, hence, asked for current delivery guy to take what he delivered.
9- Request approved and delivery guy came, gave back the money I paid with no apologies for his behavior whatsoever, took the food and thats it.
10- I searched for the restaurant management’s email so I can submit my complain, then decided to look for the restaurant’s Social Media presence as I found no email addresses.
11- Posted at the restaurants Facebook page my experience.
12- Linked a tweet to my FB complain.
13- My complain was deleted from the restaurant’s page!!
14- I posted another tweet and Facebook status with a screenshot of what has been deleted from the page, and stated that my complain was ignored and deleted instead of greeted.
15- After that phone calls started ringing all over the place. Mobile, fixed, and another mobile number.
16- I answered the call. They appologiesed for the order mess and didn’t mention anything about my Social Media feedbacks.
17- I asked for a manager 3 times to express my disappointment for deleting my feedback with no hope. The delivery management guy stated “Am part of the management, I can answer your concern”
18- I told him that I posted on facebook minutes ago, and before I finish my statement he said “I know, they told me” !!! I asked told you what? And he said about Facebook.
19- Told him how disappointed I am for my feedback being deleted, and he stated “I don’t understand Social Media” “Bafhamsh feeha”
20- He offered me a free meal next time I visit!!, and stated his endless sorry loops that has nothing to do with my social media disappointment.
21- My social media feedback deletion was neglected and never taken into consideration, although I tried to explain how social media should work to the guy who called, but the guy was more interested in offering a free meal and shut me up. I told him I appreciate you’re call but you’re not getting my point…
22- The next day they posted a comment on my FB wall stating that they called, apologized, and offered me a free meal and that they took my complain seriously.
Q) How many shares & comments did you get since you posted the screen shot?

3 Retweets to more than 13,780 followers
Shared by 4 people to 2,711 friends and publicly
13 Comments including many other feedbacks from users mentioning bad experiences of which they never mentioned online before
Q) Do you think if the issue wasn’t deleted you would have escalated it this far?

Nope, not at all.
Q) Would you have done it differently if the brand was a customer or a potential customer of yours?

Existing: Yes I would.
Potential: No.
Q) What objectives are you after from creating this buzz?

Simply….. a lesson.
I know they would think 100 times before deleting customer’s feedbacks after this incident. And this for sure would elevate their customer service quality over time “If they managed it feedbacks correctly”.
Q) What would the brand have done that you would have been satisfied?

1- Show me that they believe am pissed because of the social media slip up and not only because of the delivery mess.
2- A “thanks for the feedback” message is 20 times better than a free meal that I would never use.
3- Not to post comments (on my FB account) stating they made things right for me and that they offered me a free meal in return. At least not before making sure I became satisfied and if it’s ok for them to post so on my wall.
Q) What would make things fixed right now? What would it take to make you a happy customer?

Gaining a new customer is easy, and losing one is easier. The hardest part in business is to gain customer’s trust back for your brand, and that can be done after many correct trails and prompt right actions.
Let me put it this way. Now I can’t trust this restaurant can deliver on time nor deliver the order right. Why should I consider it as an option for my next hunger moment?
Many trustful happy customers might have the effect to gain a lost customer back. But this would take long time though!
Q) What lesson do you want to pass to other brands who are on the social media?

Brands should be confident online. There is no such a thing called flawless brands, but there is always good and bad customer service. It’s all about the way you manage you’re brand online presence and behavior.
The biggest advantage for brands now is that they get the chance to read and hear customer’s feedbacks to improve and develop their businesses. This is to be used instead of fought back in Social Media.
Smart businesses are aggressively seeking customer feedbacks and word of mouth recommendations instead of regular marketing and advertising techniques, and it’s time for all businesses to adopt to change.
Social Media is not a game, it can be a business maker or killer. Hence, online actions should be taken seriously. In other words, if you can’t manage your business presence online, keep it offline until you’re ready or hire the right people/company to manage it for you.