Social Media Training with the Jordanian Godfather of Twitter

This article was written about my workshop at Ana Hunna Newsletter:
There are over 48,5 million Facebook users and over 4 million Twitter users in the MENA region.
The Ana Hunna team met in Amman, Jordan to take part in a social media training to learn how to use the potential of social media for its own awareness-raising initiative, Ana Hunna.

Khaled El Ahmad, to some more familiar under his twitter account @shusmo, is known as a social media expert and Twitter legend in Jordan and beyond. For two days he trained
the Ana Hunna team (NGO representatives, consultants and EconoWin-staff) in his field
of expertise. The first day was theory-based, with information on the different social media
tools. The second day was a chance for all participants to practice what they learned.
“Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool”, he explained in his introduction to social media. “But while in the past, your circle consisted of 5-10 people, nowadays it is much bigger thanks to social media.” Well-made innovative posts, articles and videos can go viral through social media.
Khaled El Ahmad outlined 10 keys for success in social media, gave tips and tricks for the management of Facebook-Pages and Twitter accounts, and explained how to find influencers in each country who can help promote the campaign. Khaled explained how to set up a conversational calendar for Facebook and Twitter, to regularly update the accounts in a time-saving way, and he gave tools to monitor one’s activities.
“Polls on Facebook are a powerful engagement-tool”, said Khaled el Ahmad. He suggested linking the pollsto the 10 Ana Hunna films on women and work, in anticipation of the next screening event. “How far would a single working mother go to feed her children?”, he put as an example for a poll. And added as options: Full time job? Acting? Dancing? Begging? Asking for family support? “You can start the poll on Facebook, and move the discussion itself to Twitter”, he suggested. All the while using the appropriate hash tags (#) on Twitter which helps spread the tweet to the world. In the end, in the age of social media,
the important question is no longer “Have you watched this video, read that article, seen this post yet?”, but rather, “Have you shared it yet?”

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