Talk and Zoom with the GALAXY S4 Zoom

S4 Zoom Dynamic whiteThe Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom isn’t an ordinary smart device. It’s a mixed-breed device that is especially

designed to expand your voice communication, sharing and high-quality photography abilities without

having to sift through multiple devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is designed with ease-of-use in mind. The responsiveness of the Android

interface touch screen makes it effortless to use the Galaxy S4 Zoom as a camera and a phone. Not

forgetting the 10x optical zoom lens which sets the device apart from being just any camera-equipped

smartphone by giving you the capability of generating high quality, precise images with ease and like a

professional. Therefore, having nosebleed tickets during a game is no longer a problem as it captures

clear close-ups from far away giving you the feel of front row seats.

And if you have an eye for detail or if your job requires you to, you no longer have to wait to share an

idea or an image with your boss or on your blog, Twitter or Facebook page. The Samsung Galaxy S4

Zoom’s 16–megapixel CMOS sensor will work with the light available to deliver quick, high quality images

immediately. So even if you find yourself in the darkest cave, the advanced sensor will allow you to

capture details, brighter than the naked eye can see. Adding to this is the perfection of the Optical Image

Stabilization which prevents blurred images and the easily accessible Smart Mode which will help you

further enhance pictures according to the surroundings. Images can be taken without a second thought,

so if you’re a fashion blogger, catching the models on a runaway has never been easier and sharing your

finds with your peers is effortless.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is a fitting do-it-all device ideal for anyone who wishes to capture and

share their daily experiences and at the same time have all the savvy features of a smartphone.