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8 Ways You know You’re an Arab American in Amman

Tweet  By: Wafaa Dias  Facebook: Twitter: 1. Food – You realize that although you know all the main Arab food dishes they’re still a lot of side dishes and breakfast foods you never knew existed. Arayes (عرايس), imsahab (امسحب), makdoos (مكدوس) are just some of the many that I have discovered being here. 2. Learning […]

#SMJO at @AmmanTT

Tweet September 7th we had out quarterly #SMJO And finally had the session recorded for you 🙂

Talk and Zoom with the GALAXY S4 Zoom

Tweet The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom isn’t an ordinary smart device. It’s a mixed-breed device that is especially designed to expand your voice communication, sharing and high-quality photography abilities without having to sift through multiple devices.

The Evolution of Content Generation

Tweet Here is something me and ishra7 came up with:

“شبكة.” becomes the world’s first Arabic borderless Top-Level Domain

Tweet “شبكة.” becomes the world’s first Arabic borderless Top-Level Domain   Pioneered by dotShabaka Registry, it marks the dawn of a revolution to empower the Arabic language on the Internet