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Jordan joining the GCC. Is this good or bad?

Tweet       News about Morocco & Jordan Joining the GCC on Twitter made me ask this Question on Twitter: @Shusmo Khaled El Ahmad : Can someone explain to me how does #JO being part of #GCC is good for me as a Jordanian citizen? In plain English #Amman #JO#ReformJO And here are the answers I got:   […]

How to gain more followers on Twitter

Tweet     When you join Twitter, it is essential to gain a good number of followers with a similar interest or at least who find your Tweets interesting 😉 There is an unwritten rule to follow back your followers, personally I don’t do it blindly, I usually check their bio, avatar & timeline. If […]

How can we promote Tourism in Jordan? (Via Social Media)

Tweet Last night I attended a Social Media session held by the Tourism sector in Jordan in particular by Mr. @MichaelNazzal And organised by Tech Jordan and Social Media Expert Mr.  @AliDahmash Gave a great presentation introducing Social Media you can check out his Blog and his Reach2.0 Company, and there were other several presentations about […]