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Social Media Case Studies

Tweet -SAS QR Campaign – Couple Up to Buckle Up -La Pire Haleine du Monde Having the breath of a goat can do more damage than you think! -A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average […]

My Social Media workshop at Bahrain eGovernment International Forum 2012

Tweet I would like to thank Social Media Club Bahrain (Twitter & Facebook) for hosting me and asking me to do the training 🙂 The crowd was mixed between private sector as Ekkanoo, Zain Bahrain, MenaTelecom & Batelco and Public sector of maybe around 15 ministries. I talked about What Social Media fuss is all […]

How to gain more followers on Twitter

Tweet     When you join Twitter, it is essential to gain a good number of followers with a similar interest or at least who find your Tweets interesting 😉 There is an unwritten rule to follow back your followers, personally I don’t do it blindly, I usually check their bio, avatar & timeline. If […]

Speaking at the First Government Social Media in Dubai

Tweet I was invited to be on the panel for the first Government Social Media Conference in Dubai on June 7th. You can read more about the conference HERE I’m not much of a public speaker, that’s why I asked to be at a panel Only 🙂 Let’s hope this can be a learning experience […]

Joining Hillingdon Cresswell

Tweet I’m proud to be the new associate of the newly formed Communications Management Consultancy Hillingdon Cresswell.  They were the advisors of  UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. You can read more at PRWEEK Magazine Their website: http://www.hillingdoncresswell.com/